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Explore the genius of Red Eight's creativity and industry expertise. Give our patented casino games a test drive and see for yourself how these inspired versions of old favorites will help your profits soar.

Specifically designed to pull conventional table players onto the slot floor in Asian and international markets, but with clear and proven domestic appeal as well, this electronic Pai Gow Poker game features a double wild card twist to create many exciting high hands and a high level of engagement for players, while also creating a solid 4.79% house edge for casino operators without a collection fee. This simple and easy game also allows multiple hands to be bet at the same time, plays very quickly with an automatic “house way” hand-setting option for players, and is attractive to both well-versed and inexperienced players. 
Also designed to pull conventional table players onto the slot floor in Asian and international markets with a culturally popular game that has been played in Asian nations and communities for centuries, this game is the only video and single-player Chinese (or 13-Card) Poker game in the world.  This wildly emotional game – with big bonus payouts and contested jackpots at stake – also requires no knowledge of Chinese Poker to play and offers a simple and easy automatic “house way” hand-setting option for players to speed play.  Also offering domestic appeal to Asian and non-Asian audiences alike, the game features a natural storyline with an ever-shifting and mysterious friend or foe in the Dragon, allows the player a degree of perceived control in selecting the hands that are played, and a house hold on perfect play in this configuration of 6.25%.
Designed for worldwide attraction to well-versed and aspiring Poker players alike, this electronic adaptation of the universally popular Texas Hold’em – suitable for slot, stadium, and online formats – offers players transparent odds and payouts that are posted at each step along the way, but without the "threatening" aspect of bluffing.  Players may also bet on all hands in play to keep them in action and engaged throughout the game, with terrific speed of play and wagering volume.  The house hold of this video game is flexible and may be adjusted to the desired level by modifying the payout odds.